Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Film Line Up Announcement???

Ok, so here's the deal.....either the date was pushed back or there was a misunderstanding on my part (probably the later), but the official line-up announcement for the festival is not until next Tuesday April 3rd. However, I have the tentative line-up for the Science Fiction section, which I will post below. Please keep in mind that this is not the official line-up (i.e. things may have shifted or may shift when the official line up is announced, they are trying to coordinate over 200 films!), but it should be fairly accurate. I will note the official info next week to let you know if anything has changed.

SciFi Section of the festival will take place on Friday April 27th, Saturday April 28th, Sunday April 29th.
  • Once More with Feeling, Buffy Sing-a-long – 10pm Friday, 10pm Saturday
  • Serenity – 5:45pm Saturday, 7:15pm Sunday
  • Done the Impossible – 8pm Saturday, 9:30pm Sunday
  • Fantastic Fan Films – Chad Vader, Mosquito, and Star Trek vs Batman – Noon Saturday, 5pm Sunday
  • Outta This World - SciFi-ish Shorts including Ambassador’s Day, DVD, Microgravity, The Signal, They’re Made out of Meat – 4pm Saturday, 1:45pm Sunday
  • First on the Moon – 3:45pm Saturday, 3:30pm Sunday
  • A Great Disturbance – 2:15pm Saturday, Noon Sunday

Descriptions of all of these films will be listed at, however I have screened almost all of them and will post my non-spoiler thoughts about them and a brief description here over the next few days. I promise to have you completely informed before tickets go on sale on April 9th!

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