Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am pleased to announce that we will also be showing Serenity at this festival. And not just once, but twice!!! Once on Saturday 4/28 and once on Sunday 4/29. Official times will be announced on 3/28 along with everything else! And don't forget, ticket sales begin 4/9.

And, yes, you can go to see it twice. I know I will. I miss my Big Damn Heroes and I can't wait to watch them in the theatre once again. Shindig anyone??

Stay tuned for more details, as we continue with more Joss-obsessed festvial announcements!


Kev said...


I hope the scheduling for Serenity doesn't conflict with either Buffy Sing-along, as the wife and I want to do both (all three?)!

Anonymous said...

They are currently all set up to show on the same screen, and show twice, so you shouldn't have any problems. :)