Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Aliens, Fans, and Donkey Kong

Outta This World is a great collection of science fiction shorts. I've seen all of them and I can't recommend them highly enough! Extremely entertaining, and some of them really just freaked me out (in a good way).

When the world simply isn’t enough, we’ve packaged this collection of science fiction (and science fiction-ish) short films about astronauts, aliens, invaders – oh, and just for fun, a little story of sci-fi geeks in love.

Long after the End of The World has passed into myth, two diplomats must defuse a volatile international dilemma before the apocalypse happens for real in Ambassadors Day (David Kellum, US, 21 minutes).

A romantic comedy about sci-fi geeks told as if you were watching a real DVD (Ciro Altabas, Spain, 17 minutes): with audio commentary, scene selection, featurette, a music-video, trailer, deleted scene, alternative ending, etc.

In Microgravity (David Sanders, US, 12 minutes) Eniko has been orbiting the moon for far too long. When a malfunction forces her to perform a spacewalk, she must pit her wits, her training, and her will to live against the fatal certainty of cold, hard vacuum.

Dylan is having a bad day when events take an apocalyptic turn for the worst changing his outlook on life forever. The end is near in The Signal (Thomas C. Gaunt, US, 15 minutes).

After years of probing humans in every possible manner, two alien researchers meet at a late night diner to discuss a most unusual discovery about our species in They’re Made Out of Meat (Stephen O’Regan, US, 8 minutes).

This amazing line-up of Fantastic Fan Films was selected to please the Science Fiction geek in everyone. It provides a great balance of new and old favorites.

Chad Vader (Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda, Blame Society Productions, 34min) appears to be a mild-mannered day shift manager at a local grocery store, but living in the shadow of his older brother, Darth Vader, has left him somewhat socially challenged. Watch as Chad attempts to function in today’s society in this hysterical seven part series. Every grocery store manager should have a lightsabre!

The hugely popular “Firefly” series from Joss Whedon, led writers Nathan Towne and Alexis Braun to create Mosquito (Nathan Towne, 11min). This fan film is a loving mockery of our Big Damn Heroes that will cause any viewer to laugh all the way back to Jayne’s bunk. This fan film is sure to please any Browncoat.

Bam! Biff! Sock! What would happen if a vintage Spock and Captain Kirk met an equally vintage Batman and Robin? Writer/Director Christopher Allen wanted to step into the realm of fun and action with the Dynamic Duo, and the original characters from Star Trek with Star Trek vs. Batman (51min, Rasco Films). "Three things made those shows great… phasers, fighting, and hot women." Said Allen.

Showing at the same theatre as the SciFi section and on the same weekend are a bunch of other great films that are SciFi-ish:

King of Kong – Sunday 1:45pm
This film is about a person trying to attain the record high score for
Donkey Kong. Extremely entertaining.
The Creeps – Saturday 7:15
Til Night – Saturday 9:15

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